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7 Excellent Advantages of Security Awareness Training

June 21, 2020

Security awareness is a huge topic! This article discusses the major advantages of security awareness training for any organization.

First, it is important to know that security awareness trainings are used to educate employees about cybercrimes, hacking, social engineering, engineers, phishing, and more. The training is helpful to understand the perspective or the motive of a cybercriminal and ways to prevent any crime online. With increasing threats and dangers, organizations are not leaving any stone unturned to educate their employees with the help of the service providers.

Why Your Employees Need Security Awareness Training?

As the name implies, we are dealing with major advantages which can be reaped by organizations if they opt for security awareness training.

1. Training for Avoiding Blunders

According to studies and records worldwide, most of breaches occur because of negligence by employees. These are all small mistakes, but cause huge losses for an entire company. If sources are to be believed, 70% breaches, data loss, and data theft happen because of the laxity by employees. There is a specially designed training which teaches employees common but important strategical scams. For example, getting loads of emails is a common thing, but differentiating between an informative email and a phishing email is important. There are cases where employees unintentionally and accidentally open the attachment of phishing emails This is where training comes in.

2. Training Increases Security Measures

Security Awareness training always suggests supervising, monitoring, and tracking any sort of suspicious actions. For example, it is always great to use strong passwords, creating alerts for unique and weird communication which can be the code word, and flagging any sort of suspicious emails. All these practices will be helpful for employees and organizations to avoid a vulnerable situation.

3. Training Assures Educated Staff to Start Defiance

Nothing is more important than brand image; it is important that organizations start training their staff so that in any crisis they can stand together as a team. Any organization is of the people, for the people, and by the people. Therefore, the company laws must be data protection-friendly and the roles of various divisions are equally divided to prevent cybercrimes.

4. Training Saves Organizational Reputation

There are a few industries like healthcare, banking, and real estate which are easily trapped, and social engineers often create confusion for the targeted customers. Hence, the right training can protect the company’s reputation. Circulation of any wrong information can hamper the brand image for the longer run.

5. Training & Knowledge Boosts Morale

Any knowledge helps a person grow! It is a fact that there are employees who don’t know about security awareness and safety measures. These days, scams are fabricated and presented in such a sophisticated manner that employees can easily fall in the trap. Now with the added knowledge, at least the safety measure from the home ground level will start for all the organizations. For better security and safety, there are service providers who can assist the organizations with the best support. It is safe to say that these training programs can educate professionals cautiously and enhance employee job satisfaction to help retain employees.

6. Training Saves Precious Time & Money

Companies that have not trained their employees often face data theft and data loss due to carelessness. Data recovery or saving other consequences requires lots of money and time. It also tampers with the brand image of the company for a certain time, which can affect the target audience and their thought process around the brand. If sources are to be believed, any sort of data recovery requires a minimum of 7 months to trace the IP address and the main address of the hosted email id. Hence, recovering from a successful cyberattack could cost approximately $955,429 or more.

7. Training Gives You Peace of Mind

Security awareness training assures that there should be a revised and better security policy in each organization. Hence, availing a certified security awareness training means that your employees are adequately educated now, and you can avail the best sleep at night with complete peace of mind.

These are the most major benefits one can get from the security awareness training. EC-Council’s Aware offers comprehensive cybersecurity awareness solutions that helps your employees in beating various cyberattacks, including phishing, vishing, and other social engineering attacks.