Technology Model


You can now access a user-friendly and easily accessible training application that offers the best learning management system to fortify the weakest element in the security chain, i.e., humans. Prevent your employees from making security mistakes with eLearning gamificationn.

Simulation Models

Aware Models

SaaS Model

Hassle-free and easy cloud storage with no hardware involvement to access the phishing solution.

  • Safest and scalable model

  • Easy to use with auto-upgrade process

  • Client-site server

  • Effortless management

  • No downtime

  • Best data security

Hybrid Model

Integrates cloud and physical servers at the client’s site to offer the right phishing solution.

  • Meets the client’s special requests and requirements

  • Best for maintaining better data privacy

  • Offers a high level of confidentiality

  • Dashboard to create simulation campaign

  • Very detailed reports