Security Awareness for a Digital Planet

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Awareness Training Brought to Life

  • Beyond cloud solutions

  • On-demand customization

  • Mobile app for gamification

  • White-label content

  • Phish reporter plugins

  • MSSPs account management

Security Awareness Training Features

Security awareness training prepares members of an organization, including employees, contractors, temporary workers, and everyone else that completes authorized functions online for an organization, with the necessary information to defend themselves and secure their organization’s assets from damage or loss.

  • Automatic enrollment
  • Customizable e-learning content
  • Customizable Training certificates
  • Scheduled reminders
  • Upload your training content
  • Advanced & automated reporting

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Don't take the Bait

Dealing with the consequences of a phishing attack is both time consuming and costly. A single careless click on the wrong link can compromise your entire network.

  • Make sure there is a system in place to report attacks, and make sure all of your employees understand how important it is to follow through in reporting it.
  • Train your employees to get in touch with the IT department if they come across a case like this so that IT can take appropriate action.
  • While structured annual or semi-annual training is recommended, employees should also receive on-the-fly training when an attack occurs.

Aware - When Everyone Protects

Aware gives organizations access to a plethora of videos, interactive cyber security awareness content, and pre-designed modules to select from. These trainings are:

  • interactive and ensure that learners enjoy the learning experience.

  • customizable to allow you to select a theme with relevant topics for your industry and business culture.

  • developed in-house by experienced designers leveraging best practices for maximum effectiveness in changing behavior.

How "Aware" is Different?

  • Training Videos

    The Aware Application let’s your team learn on the go. For security awareness, training plays a crucial role.

  • Challenge

    Aware enables users to participate in live quiz sessions with their friends and colleagues.

  • Game Time

    With the Aware Application, quizzes can turn into companywide competitions.

  • Leader Board

    The Leader Board shows which teams or individuals are leading the competition.

  • Phishing Simulations

    Aware comes with a wide variety of Phishing Simulations as well to test employee's susceptibility to social engineering attacks.

  • CheckAPhish

    CheckAPhish helps you gain visibility into your organization's risk behavior and measure the overall risk levels across your user groups.


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