On-Premises Security Awareness Training

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“75% of organizations around the world experienced some kind of phishing attack in 2020.”

Phishing scams are one of the most common methods of attacks that take place across the globe. Thousands have fallen victim, and cybercriminals have made huge profits from such attacks.

Don’t Let Your Organization Fall Victim!

With a subscription to Aware’s On-Premises Security Awareness Training, organizations can now run unlimited entice-to-click simulations and assign security awareness training to all employees. This is just the start; you can now access this and more at a steeply discounted offer.

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Aware’s On-Premises Security Awareness Training and Phishing Solutions include:

How Does Aware’s On-Premises Security Awareness Training Work?

With Aware’s “On-Premises” solutions, physical servers at the client’s site are used to offer the right phishing solution.

The client’s special requests and requirements are met.

This is best for maintaining better data privacy.

Offers a high level of confidentiality.

Create a dashboard for the simulation campaign.

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